Experienced, committed and authentic

Dee is a very skilful and experienced coach and facilitator who produces extraordinary results for her clients. What she says about her work :  ” If I had to say it in one sentence I would say that my job is to enable people to feel good about themselves and their life”


I use a heart centred approach rooted in the belief that we transform our world from the inside out. If I want my world to change then I need to be the change I want to see. If I want a peaceful , loving life then I need to come from a peaceful loving place inside.

I support my clients on that inner journey and I  draw on my expertise in Coaching, NLP, Action Learning and Family Constellation work – as well as my long and varied life experience.

Here are some of the comments made about my facilitation and coaching:

  • consistent, encouraging and patient
  • helpful, knowledgeable and professional
  • promoting an atmosphere of trust and openness
  • approachable and confirming
  • warm, committed  with a very interactive style

Dee is an accredited life coach,  a qualified NLP Practitioner, an accredited Action Learning Facilitator and has trained in Family Constellation Work.