My approach to coaching has changed dramatically over the years. When I first qualified and learned the standard coaching tools, I used them  to support change and growth in the corporate sector by coaching individuals and groups and running training courses.

Gradually my heart went out of that approach and I realised that working with individuals on a deep personal level was what I wanted to do – mainly because I’m committed to a deep personal enquiry into my own life and it’s what completely inspires me.

I am passionate about working one to one with clients in this intuitive way  to gently explore and uncover embedded patterns which are no longer useful.


My background is very varied. I began my working life as a language teacher and then became a Healthfood Shop owner and manager for 5 years.  When  my  children were young,  I ran a catering business from home and then suddenly my middle child, Harry, became seriously ill and I became a carer for him for the next ten years. This was a profoundly shocking thing – it was as if a bomb had dropped into the middle of my family. Overnight everything changed and it never went back to normal. These were difficult years – coping with Harry’s illness, a husband who left and trying to care for my other two children as best I could. And by the time Harry died, both he and I had come to a place of peace about his illness – it took us all those 10 years to figure it out.

The silver lining to his long illness was deepening my spiritual life as a way of coping. I simply had to find answers to so many fundamental questions.  We both learned about alternative healing and we delved into Buddhism and self development with enthusiasm. This is where the university of life taught me so much – building the foundations of my coaching – learning how to be with anyone or anything no matter what the circumstances.

The video below says it all really….. I was interviewed by my dear friend Liz Scott.

After Harry’s death my wonderful new husband was running an alternative magazine and I joined the staff as the sales manager and then went on to become features editor when we went national.

Passion for coaching

At that point I did a personal development course with Landmark Education which completely transformed my life and started my passion and career in coaching. I was dropped in at the deep end and coached solidly for 2 years as part of their training programme – really learning the tools of the trade at the sharp end. It was the most wonderful opportunity and I am deeply grateful to Landmark as my life has never been the same since.

As  I said earlier, I spent many years in the corporate section coaching and training people to be more effective at their job but it was evident to me that who they were at work could not be separated from who they were in the rest of their lives – and that’s the bit I’m fascinated with.