“Dee Brodie is an exceptional coach she works across all boundaries of age and status, she gently and with complete self assurance reaches directly to the core issue and with consumate professionalism and skill, manages to facilitate the most profound changes at the deepest possible and most lasting levels.  All of this is done with a warmth, wisdom and vibrancy that makes the experience wholly positive and uplifting. She is a gift to coaching.”

Estelle Thistleton, Maine Partnership


Dee is the most intuitive coach I have come across. She has a depth of compassion, love and warmth that connected with me immediately. She isn’t a traditional coach (working with tasks, goals and achievements). Dee’s skill was in connecting with me at a deep level; this meant I was able to put my attention on the things that really mattered. In my case I was able to heal a very deep negative emotion for a dear family member. She is a gentle, spiritual being and a skilled and compassionate coach.

Liz Scott, lizscottcoaching.co.uk


I went to see Dee when I was totally stressed at work. She made me feel relaxed and not pressured at all. She gave some really useful tools and ideas to help me manage my stress.

John Cornish


I have worked with Dee on several occasions and have always found our time together very useful. Her compassion, knowledge and understanding of situations in my life that I wanted to explore have enabled me to see and feel things differently and looking back I realise that in these areas I am no longer stuck and have moved on. I can highly recommend her.

Maryjane Clitheroe


Dee Brodie is intuitive, authentic, compassionate, wise, experienced, honest, kind and very, very good at what she does. I’ve brought an incredible variety of issues to her door and always walked away feeling like the load has been lifted from my shoulders, light has been shed into the darkest corners and I now know what the next step is. What more could you possibly ask for?

Suzi Crockford


Dee is an amazing coach who has been providing me with a listening ear, guidance, support and advice on and off for 7 years! If I am facing a difficult decision, stressed out at work, unsure about a path I need to take then I know that Dee will steer me to the right place. She has an incredible skill of asking just the right questions that make me realise the answers to whatever it is I’m trying to resolve!

Jacqui Cornish


I have chosen to see Dee for many coaching sessions over the years and I value them highly. She has a direct, intuitive and loving approach that highlights and supports the thing in me which most needs to be addressed, healed and let go of. I have always come away from a session feeling lighter, freer and more spacious within myself.
I recommend her to those who seek more clarity and freedom in their lives, whether it is working on a particular problem, or a more general issue.

Mr Z (Exeter)


Dee brings a sense of spaciousness and lightness into her coaching work. Her gentle presence enabled me to connect back inside myself so I could uncover new insights that enabled me to move forward with clarity and confidence.
Heather Day, coach and trainer