My daughter and her friends get stuck in a HUGE traffic jam this morning on their way back from Cornwall. They are only a few cars away from a fatal accident and they watch as 2 Air Ambulances land very swiftly to deal with the crisis – obviously the helicopters can reach the scene long before the road vehicles can get through.  People were dashing from their cars to give medical help and everyone in the queue was very patient. 

The girls are so impressed with the response and all of them say they are going to donate to the Air Ambulance charities. I must say that i have only put 2 and 2 together recently – because our roads are so congested it makes complete sense to get at accident sites from the air.

She arrives back about 2pm – she was lucky as she was on the stretch of road that the police could clear but the ones behind her are STILL in the queue 5 hours on….I wouldn’t like to be a policeman on duty this weekend….

In town there is evidence of the Radio 1 Big Weekend –  I see someone trying on rubber boottees and when we talk to the shop assistants they say there has been a rush on wellies and anoraks today – the forecast isn’t great!! But at the moment it’s warm and sunny so lets hope it stays that way for the whole weekend.

Tonight is our precious last night with our daughter – dinner at Jamie’s as a treat and looking forward to our 3 weeks in the USA in the Autumn. Feeling  very blessed   but also aware of how many lives have been impacted today by the accident on the A30 …….


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