Another warm and sunny day – spent catching up with jobs I’ve put off for ages. 

Yesterday was equally warm and we drove to South Brent to meet our friends before heading to the woods with all our gear intending to learn how to light a fire without matches and eat our supper around it! One of us has done lots of outdoor training and he did really well  with us unruly students as we cracked jokes and wandered about trying to do what he said…..

He explained about tinder and kindling and what exactly to choose so it would be the driest possible and we all collected bundles of sticks and twigs and moss and bark as we headed down into the valley to the river (Avon) at the bottom. There on the bank was a stone fire circle already used by someone and lots of huge mossy tree trunks to sit on. It took quite quite a while to get the fire going – trying to make a spark with flint and metal didn’t work, so then we used the sparking bit from a disposable lighter which also failed to catch but eventually we did it using a little battery and some very fine wire wool. (I know I can hear you saying why on earth didn’t you just whip out a box of matches? – this was far more enthralling!)

As we shared the food we had all brought, we cooked some baked apples, stuffed and wrapped in tin foil in the embers- they were delicious. In fact everything tasted delicious – must have been the magical surroundings. Later we made tea with water from a kettle which was suspended over the fire and sang songs and sat around the fire till 10 pm. Absolute  bliss and the weather couldn’t have been better really….

Then smelling like kippers we wended our way up the hill and headed home. Mike and I took our clothes off as soon as we entered the house and when I put them in the machine this morning they still smelled like we had been at a festival for a week!

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