Seems as if a big shift has finally arrived and it feels very exciting! I thought a few days ago – and it’s been a recurring thought for years – that I could train to be a yoga teacher. I usually push the thought away  but finally today something is different – maybe it’s after the treatment yesterday – and I find myself doing a google search for teacher training in Devon. The perfect teacher and course just appear so easily – it’s a foundation course and it begins on June 18th in Tiverton and goes on for 6 months. The teacher has written 5 yoga books and has just moved to Devon a fortnight ago from London. So I have registered – yippeeeee!!!! A whole new career beckons …… and I have a great way of spending my allowance too!

The slug issue continues – now someone suggests slug wool to put around the plants and also planting some plants specifically for the slugs to eat – more money, more choices – so I can’t decide what to do. I’ll probably do nothing and hope that the bits of plants that are left will somehow regenerate themselves!

I walk into town in the pouring rain – wearing sandals which may have been a bit of a mistake as a passing bus soaks my feet completely and I squelch noisily along feeling a load of grit in there as well. Plant is quiet so my pal and I have a lovely peaceful chat and wonder about all the relationships in our lives where we have been giving love in order to get it back. She said if you are doing that then it’s a business transaction! I like that idea – so true – real love is love with no thought of result, goal or return.

I  blush at the amount of times I have been kind in order to get something or pretended to love someone so that they would love me back.

One of Harry’s mates puts a post on Facebook to say the ex headmaster of Withycombe Primary School has died. He was head when Alison and Harry were there – a truly wonderful man, full of kindness and warmth. He knew the name of every child – and there were 300. The comments from his ex pupils on facebook bring tears to my eyes – he was love in action and they knew it.



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