Waved my lovely daughter goodbye this morning – she is off to Cornwall with her old school friends and then we have one more precious night with her on Friday before she heads for home. It all feels so easy having her around and I’m so present with her that I forget about my normal life completely! Continue reading

Feeling very blessed this morning to have my gorgeous daughter here for 2 nights ….it’s so lovely to have her in the house and to have met up with my son in Bristol yesterday. It’s the BEST time for me – having my family together – such a treat. Continue reading

Last night at our weekly meditation meeting we had a lovely lady from the USA who talked to us about a new process she has learned…it was very inspiring indeed. She talked about the internal changes it brought about and how she was left full of hope for the world. She  also talked about embodying the light and how every cell felt like it was vibrating with it. Continue reading

I forgot to blog yesterday for some reason. And sitting here now I don’t recall why…..and it’s great to let myself off the hook too. There are some days I forget and some days I don’t have anything to say and some days when I can’t muster the energy….. Continue reading

It feels like an extraordinary day. I’ve spent lots of time in the garden clearing paths and weeding  as well as putting in some new herbs around the pond.  Continue reading

After a busy weekend socialising on Saturday and clearing the shed on Sunday today is spent driving to Poole and back being chauffeur to Mike who emerges from the dentist’s chair unable to speak with a lob – sided face.  He has had another load of mercury removed from his mouth. It’s quite an ordeal by the sound of it and he is very quiet on the drive back. By the time we get home he can talk and eat some soup and his face looks a lot more normal. Continue reading

Like a silly person I believe the weather forecast this morning when it says a dry and warm day with cloud and sun. We are due in Totnes at 10 am and by the time we go out into the town it’s pouring with rain and  I am in my sandals with no coat or umbrella. Continue reading

Seems as if a big shift has finally arrived and it feels very exciting! Continue reading

Feeling so grateful for my life today.  Continue reading

Very satisfying morning getting a lot done – all the things I’ve put off for ages like clearing out the bathroom cupboards and booking my car in for a service. Mowed the grass too and as soon as I came indoors it absolutely bucketed down with rain – phew! Continue reading