A soggy Spring day – warmish but very wet –  a shock after the beautiful sunshine of the weekend.  Continue reading

Since I realised that my patterns around eating are mirrored everywhere it’s now obvious that I hoard and binge with money too…. Continue reading

The hot weather reminds me of the Spring of 1976. I went into hospital to have Alison on May 8th and there were no leaves out as the weather had been cold and dull. By the time I left a week later the sun had come out , it was boiling hot, the leaves had all burst into life and it didn’t rain till September! Maybe that’s why Alison loves hot weather – she was born into it . I know I spent the entire summer trying to keep her cool and had the curtains permanently closed to keep out the heat. Continue reading

It’s been a busy coaching day today – I really do enjoy it.

The sun has been belting down and although the air is still cold it’s feeling a lot like Spring. I’m wondering if I should plant out my veg yet but I think I’ll leave it at least another day as they may get a bit of a shock…. Continue reading

Finding it hard to blog at the moment – it’s OK to sit at the computer but not OK to write about myself. The encouraging thing is that probably only 3 or 4 people read what I write so that seems to make it easier…. Continue reading

Old friends to brunch this morning and we have fun catching up on each other’s news. They have 5 children who have 13 children so they are very busy grandparents as well as having day jobs too. Continue reading

A lovely day out in Sidmouth with a couple of dear friends starts with a hail storm and ends up with sunshine….we are glad of our coats and scarves as we walk to Jacobs Ladder and up to the top through the Connaught gardens and back into town. The views are breathtaking and the spring flowers are in full bloom – we decide Sidmouth must have a micro climate…. Continue reading

This morning , as the sun blazed into the house and I got up late, I realised that I felt very peaceful and content – the storm of yesterday had passed through all by itself. Continue reading

I don’t want to blog this evening – I just want to sit in a heap and watch the telly. But here I am – in front of my lap top inexplicably typing even though I’m resisting it at the same time. Continue reading

Been skyping with my beautiful daughter in America just now – she is off to San Francisco in the morning for a few days – work not pleasure. She is so competent and capable – and she uses lots of words I don’t understand!! I love it that we can talk as if she is in the room with me and it really does feel as if we have seen each other. Continue reading