A weird weekend – brunch, upset, brexit and fire lighting!

We begin with brunch on Saturday – lovely friends and lots of chat. At 12 noon I decide to go into the garden and pick some fresh mint to make tea – 5 seconds after I leave the room the phone rings. It’s my daughter and I miss her call. I know immediately something is wrong – it’s 7am in America so why else would she call? She tries Mike’s mobile and as I get back to the house I can here him saying ” Oh no’ to her.

I hover and almost wrench the phone from him to see what is going on – a big upset with her husband. She is sobbing and Mike has done a great job of listening – she gradually stops crying as she talks it through but it’s hard being so far away when all I want to do is give her a massive hug. She says will you come Mum and I say of course I will… we talk on and off all day and late into the night and by Sunday morning the storm has passed through and I know I won’t need to get on a plane.

Mike wants me to watch a film about Brexit – it’s really well done and very interesting – and  very compelling as an argument to leave Europe. Afterwards we discover that the journalist who made it is very right wing and supports things like GMO’s and doesn’t believe in global warming. It leaves me as confused as ever – if I was living in a small community I would have the knowledge to vote about matters of community importance but this feels way out of my league. I have no idea what I’m voting for/against really and I’m probably going to abstain.

This afternoon we are off to the woods near South Brent where we will be learning how to make and light a fire without matches and then cooking over it. I’m very relieved it’s dry and warm and I’m looking forward to an adventure as the last 24 hours have felt rather stressful!

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