Dee Brodie

Another warm and sunny day – spent catching up with jobs I’ve put off for ages.  Continue reading

A weird weekend – brunch, upset, brexit and fire lighting! Continue reading

It’s great having friends to lunch as it means I actually get on my hands and knees and wash the floor instead of giving it a quick hoover. My daughter said how clean the house was but I can see different – it’s tidy, yes, but clean? no not really. I dust the pictures and the skirting boards and realise the kitchen cupboards have coffee dribbles and grime patches ; I put a bit of bleach down the loos and wipe the dirt off the front door step – thank God I only have a small house to look after. Continue reading

A chilly morning but now it’s very warm……one of those confusing days when you need to wear layers. It’s farmer’s market in town – still very few veg around but I get fresh garlic and lovely eggs before meeting my pals in Plant. We sit inside as it’s not yet warm enough to brave the outside tables and catch up on our news and drink tea/mocha/eat breakfast as we chat. Continue reading

I’m in Crediton at 9.30 for a session with the wonderful cranio-sacral lady. I just can’t believe it when she gets up and finishes – it feels like 5 minutes rather than an hour. I could have been there all day!  Continue reading

Forgot about my blog till just now – 10pm – not unusual for me these days to forget stuff. I used to be able to hold shopping lists and whole weeks of diary dates in my head but these days I don’t seem to be able to do that any more. I could choose to be worried about that (!) but instead i choose to see that it’s a sign that I am living more in the present. Continue reading

The weather has been stunning – especially for a Bank Holiday Weekend. Radio 1 obviously have a hotline to God! Continue reading

My daughter and her friends get stuck in a HUGE traffic jam this morning on their way back from Cornwall. They are only a few cars away from a fatal accident and they watch as 2 Air Ambulances land very swiftly to deal with the crisis – obviously the helicopters can reach the scene long before the road vehicles can get through.  People were dashing from their cars to give medical help and everyone in the queue was very patient.  Continue reading

Thursday morning as usual at the farmers’ market where veg are presently very thin on the ground. I buy wonderful eggs though – the chickens are obviously enjoying the Spring weather and laying abundantly….. Continue reading

Last night we watched the Grayson Perry programme about the Police. He is investigating what it means to be a man in today’s society. There is something really extraordinary about the attention and respect he gives to every single person  – he seems to have an unusual ability to  listen wholeheartedly with very little personal agenda going on. Continue reading