It’s great having friends to lunch as it means I actually get on my hands and knees and wash the floor instead of giving it a quick hoover. My daughter said how clean the house was but I can see different – it’s tidy, yes, but clean? no not really. I dust the pictures and the skirting boards and realise the kitchen cupboards have coffee dribbles and grime patches ; I put a bit of bleach down the loos and wipe the dirt off the front door step – thank God I only have a small house to look after.

Feels good when I’ve done it though – and the sun is shining. We eat delicious rice salad and green salad and a wonderful gluten free chocolate  birthday cake which I must have a go at making one of theses days.

Later on I prise Mike from his desk and we drive to Budleigh and walk through the woods and over the golf course to the cliffs – the sea sparkles and the view over to the left of Budleigh is spectacular. We shiver in the woods and boil in the sun as the air is actually pretty chilly. There are foxgloves and meadowsweet mixed up with gorse and fading bluebells along the stony paths  – and that wonderful smell of summer  is in the air. Mike stops to take photos everywhere – and there is no sneezing – his hay fever isn’t showing up yet and maybe it won’t come this year. I know he is working on accepting it and it seems to be working so far.

And what a treat to go to  Exmouth Tesco and buy asparagus and strawberries and mangoes. And how strange to be there and not have to buy crispy bacon and spready cheese for my father , bless him. Exmouth is full of memories of our time together which feels very precious now and Tesco is up there!


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