I’m in Crediton at 9.30 for a session with the wonderful cranio-sacral lady. I just can’t believe it when she gets up and finishes – it feels like 5 minutes rather than an hour. I could have been there all day! 

I meet my young friend for coffee in a Crediton coffee shop and go to the wholefood shop afterwards to stock up on coconut oil and rice. I love the town – I always have. I’m not sure why – maybe it’s because you can see the hills and fields all around; maybe because I worked there for years or because I had lots of Landmark friends there a few years ago….and it’s probably all of the above and more.

One of Alison’s friends calls in to get some perfume she left here. She has her two young sons with her – aged 3 and 6. They only stay for half an hour but it feels longer – they are FULL ON and exploding with energy…..it’s great fun but exhausting and I wonder how on earth I coped with 3 children when I had mine. Mike has a brainwave and takes them to see the fish in the pond and I delve around in my bookcase and find some sticker books which capture their attention for about 30 seconds! They have been sitting in the cinema so i suppose that’s why they are full of beans and they are on their way to their Grandma to bounce on the trampoline – a necessity I would say!!

This afternoon a pal and I take out our friend with dementia and MND. His swallowing and breathing are getting worse but he still loves to be out so we drive around the backroads of Bickleigh and Butterleigh and Tiverton for a long time  while he marvels at the view. He finds talking quite difficult now – I suppose he  no longer has the breath or nerve control for it. He’s a bit thinner each time I see him now as eating is a challenge as well. My lovely pal feeds him trifle which is very soft and delicious but not even that is easy for him. Oh dear…….

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