Feeling very blessed this morning to have my gorgeous daughter here for 2 nights ….it’s so lovely to have her in the house and to have met up with my son in Bristol yesterday. It’s the BEST time for me – having my family together – such a treat.

There was a bit of panic in the morning before she arrived – texts flying all over the place! She was travelling to Bristol from Hinckley which involved 2 changes and I got a puzzled message saying they had just announced that stage 2 of the journey was to be on a coach. Followed by WTF? Of course, because she lives in the USA she doesn’t realise that Sunday is not a good day to travel because it’s track repair day. So I have to explain the process and she settles down …..till I get another text about half an hour later saying she doesn’t think the coach will make Gloucester in time for the last stage of the journey. Then many more texts including my son who lives in Bristol wondering if he could go and get her etc etc – but in the end it all works out and her smiling face is there to meet us at Bristol Temple Meads…..

We go down to the river to eat – to Bordeaux Quay because we have had great food there in the past .It’s looking beautiful in the sunshine but the food is very disappointing – not that I’m worried about the food – it’s just so great to have my children with me!

Today we are off on a birthday present buying quest – Totnes is the destination because I have seen good earings there. Fingers crossed………

The only concern is the weather – is it warm or not? will it rain or not? Feeling happy ….,


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