Very satisfying morning getting a lot done – all the things I’ve put off for ages like clearing out the bathroom cupboards and booking my car in for a service. Mowed the grass too and as soon as I came indoors it absolutely bucketed down with rain – phew!

I want to find a slug solution – they are ravaging my dearly nurtured Purple sprouting broccoli and neroli cabbage plants. Its hard not to be angry and then despondent. I have already used more than the recommended dose of slug pellets to no avail whatsoever. A friend says you need to talk to them and ask them to eat other things in the garden but I’m so pissed off with them that I can’t do that yet….and also I don’t know how to have a conversation with a slug!!

Had a call from R’s wife late last night to say he had choked on a biscuit and wet himself….we were still up watching telly and I said that if she needed one of us we would come to A&E with her. As I was waiting for her to call back, I felt guilty that I’d not been so patient with him yesterday and rushed to look at my blog to see if what I wrote was OK! I decided it was …. and I also decided that I would be there for her if she needed someone to go with her. The call came – he was Ok and the doctor had said it was fine to leave him thank goodness. Hope they both got some sleep.

There is always a new stage to get used to with this disease – always new territory to explore – not just for R and his wife but for all of us who choose to be involved…..


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