Feeling so grateful for my life today. 

It began with a cranio sacral session in Crediton which felt amazing, then on to coffee with my lovely young friend  in a coffee shop inn Crediton before walking in the woods at Parke in Bovey. The leaves were iridescent green and we   encountered so many gorgeous dogs of all shapes and sizes – all so friendly and happy to be stroked.

On the way back from Bovey I got stuck in a huge traffic jam on the A38 for 3/4 hour – an ambulance hurtled past all lights blazing and sirens screaming and I watched the air ambulance helicopter land in the distance  in front of me. We all turned our engines off  and an eerie silence took hold as it became obvious that the helicopter had landed on the other side of the dual carriageway thus blocking all south bound traffic as well.

As well as sending healing/positive thoughts to the injured I wished I had stopped to pee before I got into the car. When I googled the accident it said severe delay of anything up to 3 hours……so I resolved to just be patient and try and forget about my bladder and also to try and remember to pee before leaving rather than waiting till I get home in future!

When the traffic began moving again the accident had involved a car crashing into the back of a lorry and there were 2 ambulances, 3 police cars and 3 fire engines clustered around the scene. I hope that whoever was involved is safe and sound and in good hands…..this is where the NHS completely shines….how lucky we are to have it.


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