It feels like an extraordinary day. I’ve spent lots of time in the garden clearing paths and weeding  as well as putting in some new herbs around the pond. 

I have 2 clients and each one asks Mike about Ournet. The first time he explains it the client looks confused and Mike glances over to me and says ‘that was crap wasn’t it?’. I have a go and say in 30 seconds what I think Ournet is about and she lights up with inspiration. It’s so nice to see someone really get it and for Mike to see how it inspires people.

Trouble is that Mike needs to know how everything works and he starts from the premise that everyone else does too !  He holds this enormous strategy in his head and when he tries to explain it he does so in such detail that it can be  confusing and/or overwhelming.

I am the complete opposite – I just want something to work and I really don’t care how – which, now I really  am beginning to understand the genius of Ournet, means I can tell people about it very succinctly.

The second client also asks Mike about Ournet and when she hears the succinct explanation she also lights up with enthusiasm. Hallelujah! It feels like a milestone somehow – Ournet being born into the world…people beginning to get it….Mike birthing this great idea….

Meanwhile I carry on weeding and planting and cooking – just doing the next thing…..


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