Last night at our weekly meditation meeting we had a lovely lady from the USA who talked to us about a new process she has learned…it was very inspiring indeed. She talked about the internal changes it brought about and how she was left full of hope for the world. She  also talked about embodying the light and how every cell felt like it was vibrating with it.

The word hope has been in my head a lot lately – when I see people who I think are suffering or read dreadful things in the papers I bless them with hope. This is a technique that Matt Kahn taught us in October -he said  if you want to be of service then BE the change you want to see in the world and when you see something you can’t physically do anything about but it’s upsetting you then bless it with the opposite characteristic eg if someone is sad, then bless them with joy…..

It took me literally months to come up with the word hope – I would see something or read something that was harrowing and knew I wanted to bless it with some quality or other but no word seemed to be the right one. And  then finally the word hope arrived like a bombshell in my head and it really works for me…’s a quality that I find completely inspiring and so blessing others with it is a joy….

Today I enjoyed myself cooking a delicious meal for my sister in law – who thoroughly appreciated it. We had the first new potatoes of the season and I thought of my dear father who would have loved them……being Irish, potatoes were a passion of his…..happy memories…


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