The weather has been stunning – especially for a Bank Holiday Weekend. Radio 1 obviously have a hotline to God!

We are a bit hampered in the garden these days as we have neighbours who live differently to us. For years we have had peace and quiet on either side but both sets of neighbours have changed and things are no longer so peaceful. On the left we have people who have the radio on all the time when they are outside and their tumble drier discharges the smell of fabric conditioner all over our terrace – the husband is a relentless DIY er  and so he uses  noisy machinery a lot etc etc…..

I come home on Saturday to find Mike feeling invaded by all of this. We decide there must be a way to live with this situation and not be affected by it – lets face it, it could be a lot worse! So we shut the noise out at the back of the house by shutting all the windows and opening the windows at the front instead. We know that they all have jobs (there are 2 grown up children living there too) and so we can be grateful for the quiet during the weekdays. We can sit at the other end of our plot so we are further away from the noise and smell – thank goodness we have the space to do that.

Just deciding on some strategies makes a difference already – and it’s an ongoing situation which won’t be going away any time soon – so watch this space…..

On Friday evening we took our daughter out for dinner and on our way we walked through Southernhay gardens and found all these lovely food stalls selling everything from Sushi to Steak and chips. I’m so out of touch with what happens in Exeter – it was such a nice thing to stumble upon and there were lots of people enjoying the warm evening and eating on the grass. I had a chat with the Sushi man – he had been there since 6am with only pee breaks and was expecting to carry on working all evening. Trade had been very good, he said, and he hoped that the experiment would continue for the summer. He said he also had a stall that day at the  Exmouth Festival but it had only made a fiver!! (sushi obviously not a favourite in Exmouth)..

Last night we visited our friend in Wellington and she took us to see the local pride and joy at the moment – a pair of swans have had 3 cygnets and the whole area is keeping an eye on them – hoping they make it to adulthood. They are tiny fluffy things and as we watched they launched themselves onto the water, followed closely by one of the parents, gave us a bit of a turn and then clambered back up the bank to safety…..fingers crossed for them…..

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