Forgot about my blog till just now – 10pm – not unusual for me these days to forget stuff. I used to be able to hold shopping lists and whole weeks of diary dates in my head but these days I don’t seem to be able to do that any more. I could choose to be worried about that (!) but instead i choose to see that it’s a sign that I am living more in the present.

I wonder how I will get on when I come to study the theory and philosophy of yoga and write essays about it…..!!! And do exams…….

I wake really early this morning and lie awake until making tea at about 7.  I love having a long time to do my yoga – it seems to expand to any time available – and I put on the app and listen to the gentle soothing tones of the lovely young American girl who talks me through the poses so I don’t have to think. Time goes so fast that it’s 8.30 before I know it.

I have been asked to do a personal reference for a friend and the employment agency want to check all my teaching and coaching credentials –  simple you may think…. but it’s not. I end up going to their office in town instead of emailing as it involves all kinds of other documents. I have changed my surname 3 times and my first name too so my qualifications are all in other names than my present one. I end up taking a huge folder full of things like wedding certificates,  a deed poll notification, birth certificate etc etc…and they are rather bewildered (surely I can’t be that unusual?) – but they seem satisfied when all the docs are photocopied. Phew….

We notice that it’s very peaceful in the garden and then we realise that we have had builders on the right for weeks and they have been making noise during working hours and then on the left those neighbours only make noise outside working hours! Well the builders on the right are obviously away so we have our lovely tranquil garden back for a while….Phew


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