After a busy weekend socialising on Saturday and clearing the shed on Sunday today is spent driving to Poole and back being chauffeur to Mike who emerges from the dentist’s chair unable to speak with a lob – sided face.  He has had another load of mercury removed from his mouth. It’s quite an ordeal by the sound of it and he is very quiet on the drive back. By the time we get home he can talk and eat some soup and his face looks a lot more normal.

While he is having his teeth done I potter about the suburbs of Poole. I find a very shady and secluded path by the railway line – very hidden away and sooo peaceful. After buying a couple of novels in the charity shops I sit in the park to look at them. There is so much going on – some elderly men are playing Petanque in the shade of a sycamore tree; 2 very rumbustious dachshunds rush around having a fine time and the owners lose the old grey muzzled one but I know where she is and dash over to tell them – she is at the far corner of the park barking at squirrels up a tree! (my Jack Russells all did that so I know what it’s like); school children head home from school and people strut their stuff in the warm afternoon sunshine. Time flies…..

This evening we are glad to be home and glad that we didn’t attempt Plan A which was a morning in Dorchester before going to Poole – the slow peaceful option was a good choice.

This time next week my daughter will be here for a flying visit. Very excited about that. She is coming for her 40th birthday celebrations with her classmates from Exmouth – they are still friends after all this time.

And finally I told my niece in New Zealand to cease calling me Aunty Dee as she is getting grown up now but she really really doesn’t want to! I had a message from my brother saying she was quite upset as she really wants me to be her Aunty – as my brother so subtly put it – she thinks of you as her Granny as all the real grandparents are dead!! So Aunty Dee it is……


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