I forgot to blog yesterday for some reason. And sitting here now I don’t recall why…..and it’s great to let myself off the hook too. There are some days I forget and some days I don’t have anything to say and some days when I can’t muster the energy…..

Last night I went to see the Kast Off Kinks – they are a sort of tribute band but a bit more than that as the drummer actually was the Kinks drummer and the keyboard player still tours with Ray Davis and the other two have been part of the band for 23 years.

I did find it hilarious in many ways -this was not a hard rock experience. I was expecting tiered seats, loads of people and a BIG noise but in fact we were seated around tables with lots of space (they hadn’t sold that many tickets) and it all felt very relaxed indeed. The average age must have been over well over 60 so it wasn’t a rowdy crowd and some  people were sipping mugs of tea – I have certainly never been to a gig where that happened before.  The original drummer must have been over 70 and I kept an eye on him as he looked as if he could collapse into his drumset at any moment! They did say he had been playing in the band for 50 years! !!! Having said all that the music was great – I loved the lead guitar and the keyboard playing best of all. I must say it suited me perfectly and I was tucked up in bed by 10.45, feeling a little deaf from the volume but otherwise very happy.

This morning was the weekly catch up in Plant after the library and the farmers market. Its warm enough to sit outside for a while and we order our decaff almond mochas and capuccinos but we get a bit chilly and go into the warmth where we huddle round the table to chat – next thing we know it’s after 12 and we haven’t come up for breath. After we part I fill another shopping bag with stuff from the Real food shop and Healthy Pulses so I clamber onto the bus heavily laden and collapse. It’s then that I notice a text from the lovely osteopath who has sent me a message saying ‘where are you?’ Oh dear I was meant to see him at 12 and it’s now 12.30 so  I send him grovelling apologies and we set up another time.

The other thing that has happened is that this morning I received not one but TWO bottles of that amazing shampoo I talked about a while back – from two different generous friends!! That’s enough to keep me going for at least a year if not longer……I can’t believe it. It never occurred to me that that would happen…….and I’m immensely grateful.

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