Thursday morning as usual at the farmers’ market where veg are presently very thin on the ground. I buy wonderful eggs though – the chickens are obviously enjoying the Spring weather and laying abundantly…..

Because my daughter said I had to smarten up my yoga image I ferret about in the cheap department stores to find some stretchy trousers that will be stylish enough ( lets face it ANYTHING is stylish compared to the track suit bottoms I wear presently). And , to my delight I discover the perfect pair of the stretchiest most comfortable trousers that actually look nice and will fit the bill – at least I think they do. I’ll get the verdict tomorrow when she comes for the night!

I text my son who is doing an electrician qualification exam this morning and wish him luck. He texts back later to say he passed but it was horrible. Still got the practical on Saturday. He says he can’t come and have dinner with us on Friday due to the traffic – it’s a Radio 1 weekend at Powderham plus it’s Friday and Bank Holiday. I’m disappointed at first and then I manage to let it go – I would feel the same way in his shoes and I’m grateful for the time we had together on Sunday in Bristol.

I think the final assault on the slugs has worked – fingers crossed. The cabbages and beans seem to be growing again and as it’s dry I’m hoping the slugs will have peaked.

Later it’s our meditation Group and for once all my closest friends  come – everyone has been so scattered this year that it’s rare for us to be under the same roof. I love it that we are gathered together – it’s when I’m happiest. Like having my family together…’s special….

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