Like a silly person I believe the weather forecast this morning when it says a dry and warm day with cloud and sun. We are due in Totnes at 10 am and by the time we go out into the town it’s pouring with rain and  I am in my sandals with no coat or umbrella.

A charity shop saves the day – they always have lots of umbrellas – £1.50 and I acquire a very sturdy one that keeps us dry as we head off into the the streets. I am expecting Totnes to be really busy as it’s market day but actually there aren’t many people around at all. We buy organic veg from Riverford and a few bedding plants form Tuckers Yard in Ashburton on the way home. And in between we walk in bluebell woods in South Brent – so much wild garlic too and everything covered in moss and lichen. We didn’t meet another soul except if you count horses…..who ignored us and got on with the job of getting their daily grass ration. It was heaven!

By then it actually is warm and the sun is out. When we get home, I spend an hour or so pottering about putting in the new plants and a long time staring at the damage the slugs have done to the PSB and neroli cabbage. They don’t seem to like mint though – that’s rampant! (and there is only so much mint tea one can drink!)..

This evening it’s warm enough to go outside and drink tea (mint of course!) and sit on the bench and watch the sunset..the first time this year that it’s been anywhere near warm enough to do that.


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