A chilly morning but now it’s very warm……one of those confusing days when you need to wear layers. It’s farmer’s market in town – still very few veg around but I get fresh garlic and lovely eggs before meeting my pals in Plant. We sit inside as it’s not yet warm enough to brave the outside tables and catch up on our news and drink tea/mocha/eat breakfast as we chat.

We talk about R (the one with dementia ) as his wife is with us – we all agree he is getting worse and we discuss how to deal with him choking and what to feed him as well as what will happen when he can’t  physically eat any more. The two of us sitting with her feel a bit guilty that our lives are freeing up as we learn to take less responsibility for those around us, especially our partners. She says her time will come but in the present she obviously doesn’t have the freedom yet. We tell her she really is doing an amazing job and there are some tears……

This afternoon I walk to the local hairdresser to get a haircut. It’s not a chi chi (sp?) salon but I like the girl who cuts my hair – it may not be the most brilliant cut ever but she listens very attentively to what I want and does her best to provide it. And actually I don’t care that much anyway anymore as long as it doesn’t get in my eyes and it looks OK.

Later on I fiddle around with  2 old summer dresses and convert one into a shortish top and the other into a tunic. As I never wore them in their old guise, I’m very pleased with the outcome. I love the material they are made of and I know I will wear them – in fact I’m already wearing one!

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